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How Talking Can Help


Talking to one of our therapists can be of considerable benefit whether you are experiencing a problem for the first time or whether you have more long-standing difficulties for which you may have sought professional assistance in the past.

Depending on your needs and preferences we may see you on your own, as a couple,pair,  family, or in a group.

Couple Counselling/Relationship Therapy



We work with any pair of people who would like to resolve conflicts or shift stalemates in order to improve their relationship, whether a couple (including same-sex couples), or a parent and son or daughter, two siblings, work partners/colleagues or friends.


All couples experience difficult times during the course of their relationship. Problems can arise from any of the following, often in combination:



  • external circumstances placing strains on the


  • factors personal to either or both of the partners


  • the dynamic between the couple.



Surprisingly many couples struggle on together in states of significant conflict and dissatisfaction within their relationship, not reaching enough of a crisis to break up, but not realising that with some help things between them could substantially improve.


Seeing a therapist together can provide a couple with the great relief of openly addressing their difficulties in an environment that is completely separate from their families, social lives and working lives, an environment where all the talking that happens is facilitated by a trained professional who will not take sides or allow the process to become damaging. We recognise that issues are often very private and our therapists will put you at ease when talking about sensitive matters.


A couples' therapist can assist you in identifying and breaking problematic patterns of behaviour and in building skills for making your life together as a couple richer and more fulfilling.


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Individual Counselling/Psychotherapy











We offer:


  • a secure professional relationship through which difficulties can be identified, confronted and resolved in the privacy of regular, reliable sessions

  • a way to see, make sense of, and impact upon long-standing patterns of thinking and behaviour

  • a chance to discover that you have choices where previously you appeared to have none

  • help to explore and manage thoughts and feelings which may seem overwhelming, frightening or confusing

  • the opportunity to work through old hurts and conflicts to enable you to move on

  • expertise that enables you to bring new insights and skills into your communications with the important people in your life so as to enrich and improve your relationships.


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If you have problems relating with others and are uncomfortable or unhappy socially, joining a therapy group can be a valuable opportunity to explore these difficulties with others in the presence of an experienced therapist.


Group members have the chance to deal with personal issues as well as issues that arise from the group dynamic. The therapist is attentive to enabling every member of the group to receive both challenge and support in an environment that is secure and confidential.


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Group Therapy


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"Sometimes talking is the best medicine"